Build a Better Cloud Strategy

SimpliVity is the ideal choice for enterprises pursuing a cloud strategy that delivers the best of both worlds: cost savings and agility of cloud, with enterprise performance and reliability. With a highly scalable, flexible and cost-effective foundation for implementing private clouds, as well as on-demand services and hybrid cloud offerings available through a broad network of SimpliVity powered service providers, SimpliVity helps enterprises deliver a true cloud model that fits any requirement – private, public, or hybrid.

Using SimpliVity for Cloud Computing

SimpliVity-powered cloud offerings include award-winning private clouds, as well as on-demand services and hybrid cloud offerings available through a broad network of SimpliVity Cloud Service Providers.
SimpliVity delivers a common infrastructure core suitable for any workload. The SimpliVity solution pulls in all IT functions and services below the hypervisor onto x86 building blocks. SimpliVity leaves behind old IT architectures and works with any hypervisor or standard server platform. The SimpliVity solution provides a single resource pool, eliminating separate products and IT siloes.

Economics of public cloud

Pay a per-VM price that’s comparable to many public cloud providers, even including operating expenses. Manage less infrastructure in a simple, VM-centric way.

Agile infrastructure for private clouds

Use a common infrastructure core for any workload. Match demand affordably with linear scale-out and flexibility. Get services running quickly with VM-centric management. See predictable performance and enterprise-class resilience to meet SLA requirements.

On-demand partner cloud services

Try on-demand infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and desktop-as-a-service offerings (DaaS) from SimpliVity Cloud Service Provider partners. Take advantage of offsite disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) for business continuity. Integrate with Amazon Web Services or the SimpliVity Cloud Service Provider of your choice for affordable backup and data archiving.
SimpliVity drastically reduces the amount of infrastructure needed to support virtualized workloads and reduces operating expenses.


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