• Take us the word.

    Take us the word.

    "Dramatically reduces CAPEX1 and OPEX. Improved efficiency performance and capacity... it Allows IT agility with rapid provisioning and deployment." . Read more
  • Cloud.With business performance, protection and functionality.

    With business performance, protection and functionality.

    Architecture emulates the cloud of the "big leagues", live in your own data center without sacrificing performance. The flexibility IT companies need.Read more
  • The Guide of the Hyperconvergency

    The Guide of the Hyperconvergency

    Our E –Book: Hyperconvergency for DummiesDownload here
  • Hyper simple .Hyper scalable.Hyper convergent.

    Hyper simple .
    Hyper scalable.
    Hyper convergent.

    It’s not just a buzzword.
    The data virtualization platform from Simplivity, offers hyper convergent infrastructure to simplify your IT Services, offering savings 3X CTP.Learn more.
  • Get the global control.

    Get the global control.

    The hyperconvergency manages global infrastructure from a single location and interface.Go
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  • Does the storage infrastructure is wreaking the virtual environment? The convergency or unification can solve your problem, improving performance, power consumption, mobility and management.

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  • If you unified (converged) your workloads, why not the infrastructure in running? Collapsing infrastructure stack in a single consumable computer system, it offers great benefits.

    Do it!
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  • Who would have thought that support virtual machines would be such upset and have to create so much waste? With a VM - centric integrated backup and replication of efficient wide band you don’t have to be worried.

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Hyper Simple, Hyper Escalable Hyperconvergence

Absorb up to a dozen infrastructure functions on a single unified stack.

OmniCube simplifies IT. It offers everything you need to run the virtual workloads efficiently. So efficiently, you will see a 3xTCO savings.

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Big Clients. Big Results

  • "We needed a new server and storage platform for our management system in the police, and got deals hiperconvergente of Converged IT structure, Nutanix, IBM, Hitachi, Cisco and VCE. Converged IT was significantly different from the others."

    Ron Czarnecki - Director of Information
    Arvada City
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